Not another tie! Unique Father’s Day ideas for Dad’s with back pain

Shopping for Dad can be hard. But searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad suffering from chronic neck or back pain can be even more difficult. You’re probably teetering on the line of getting him something, but unsure if he will be able to actually put the gift to good use. More than likely, the common gift ideas of a weekend golfing or camping trip have been nixed – along with all other sports-related outings. So what’s left?

There are several things you can get Dad to help with his pain. Check out some of these ingenious and creative ideas:

Skinny wallet. Believe it or not, wallets, can actually cause or exacerbate back pain. Sitting on a chunky wallet causes his hips to sit unevenly in the seat, which can lead to back pain. If your dad carries around a big, fat wallet in his back pocket, look for a slimmer option. Consider buying him a money clip or even a slim wallet and encourage him to clean out all those old credit cards and receipts.

Lawn care coupons. It may be difficult for Dad to push the lawn mower, so get crafty and make some homemade lawn care coupons for him to cash in.

Ergonomic office supplies. Does Dad sit in an office all day or work from home? If so, you might consider giving his office a facelift – one that’s back pain approved. Search for an ergonomic office chair, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. Dad, and his back, will appreciate the effort.

Massage. They’re not just for Mom! Most people don’t think men would like a massage, but it may be just what the doctor ordered. Set Dad up with an hour-long massage to knead away all the pain. Dad will return home feeling refreshed and in a little less pain.

Memories. Although Dad may not be able to move around as much as he used to, he still remembers those moments. Odds are, that those are some of his most favorite things to remember. Compile some childhood pictures in photo collage or a photo album as a keepsake.

A clean car. Cleaning the car may not be as easy as it once was. Offer to detail Dad’s car and give it that “new car” smell. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and be happy to see the floor of his car again. You could also create a coupon book for this so that Dad can have his car cleaned more than once. We bet he’d love that!

No matter what you decide to get your dad, know that he will love it simply because it came from you!


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