Peter Jacobsen’s top 5 tips to avoid back pain while on tour

Peter_JacobsenTaking care of his back is a top priority for professional golfer Peter Jacobsen, because he understands the price of back pain all too well. He suffered from bilateral sciatic pain that made everyday tasks, including golf, difficult.

“The pain was so debilitating that I couldn’t sit in a chair comfortably or go up and down stairs,” he remembered.

Peter had minimally invasive spine surgery with Laser Spine Institute and found relief from his back pain. Since then, Peter understands the significance of maintaining his back health to prolong his 38-year golf career.

The physical act of golfing can be stressful to the spine because of the deep twisting and turning required by the sport. Find out how Peter keeps his back strong during a golf tournament with these five tips:

Walk. Remaining active is important in helping to avoid back pain. One of Peter’s tricks is to walk the course instead of riding in a golf cart. This helps keep his muscles warm so they don’t cramp.

Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is one of Peter’s top recommendations for helping to beat back pain. Staying hydrated can help reduce joint pain because it keeps the cartilage soft, as well as lowers inflammation in the body.

Stretch. Staying limber is important to ward off chronic neck or back pain while on a golf tour. Peter recommends regular stretching, especially during a golf game, to keep muscles loose and avoid cramping or tension.

Take medications. Taking preventive measures can help reduce inflammation flare-ups and pain. Peter helps avoid pain by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications before he even tees off.

Eat healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet will go a long way in helping to reduce neck or back pain. Healthy eating is one of the best ways he is able to maintain an active lifestyle and avoid back pain flare-ups.

You can learn more about Peter Jacobsen’s journey with Laser Spine Institute by watching his testimonial video.


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