Rise and spine: leave stiff neck behind

Rise and spine: leave stiff neck behindThree morning moves that can help relieve neck pain

Starting tomorrow, you can kick off your morning like the pros do — the spine health pros, that is. You may not score any points or live television prestige, but years from now, you’ll still be reaping the likely benefits of these daily neck stretches. Benefits like increased flexibility, energy and circulation of your spinal fluid. Can there be a bigger win than reducing your risk of neck injury?

Whether you’re trying to relieve or prevent neck pain, try our favorite neck pain exercises at each stage of your morning routine:

Neck roll (out of bed)

For this first stretch, you can either get out of bed or sit at the edge.

Tilt your head slightly to the right. Roll your head downward to a chin-to-chest position. Continue rolling your head to the left, almost in the shape of the letter U. Now, starting from the left side, perform the U-shaped stretch going in the opposite direction. Practice 10 times.

Chair stretch (at breakfast)

Sitting with your mug of coffee or golden milk is the perfect time for this next stretch.

While sitting up straight in a neutral position, hold both sides of your chair. As you’re grabbing the chair, lightly pull on one side while tilting your head to the opposite side. Start with a left head tilt with right arm resistance, then right head tilt with left arm resistance. You should feel a nice stretch. Try a set of three on each side, holding for 10 seconds each.

Shoulder shrugs (before you leave)

Before you head out the front door, stop and shrug.

While standing tall, bring your shoulders up toward your ears, then drop them back down again. Next, bring your shoulders forward and then backward, squeezing your shoulder blade muscles together, then return to your starting position.

Waking up with chronic neck pain isn’t a great way to start the day — especially if you’ve been living this way for years. Nonsurgical treatments for neck pain relief work for many patients, but not all. If your conservative treatments have stopped providing you relief, contact Laser Spine Institute to learn why more than 75,000 people have trusted us to treat their chronic neck and back pain.


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