Start the day without morning back pain

Morning Routine Changes

Your morning alarm signals more than a new day. It’s an opportunity to live life with the ones you love and passions that drive you. From the edge of the bed, both feet on the floor, you’re ready to grab everything this new day has to offer — until those familiar symptoms get in the way.

Nagging neck or back pain is no way to start the day, and when painful days turn into weeks, it may be time to make a change. By modifying your morning routine, you can help kick-start your day with neck and back pain relief:

Start with a hamstring stretch

Nobody wants lower back pain in the morning after sleeping — but there’s a secret to prevention. Stretching your hamstrings and leg muscles can help relieve lower back tension caused by improper sleep posture or a worn out bed.

Start your morning stretch routine with better hamstring techniques.

Stop and shrug

Shoulder shrugs, neck stretches and yoga are great techniques for relieving neck and upper body tension. By incorporating yoga and stretching into your morning routine, you’ll help increase your circulation, flexibility and energy to tackle the rest of your busy day.

Ease upper back pain in the morning with some of our yoga moves.

Cut out coffee

Occasional plain black coffee is one thing. Overly processed additives are another. While plain coffee can offer some health benefits, your favorite coffee creamers likely contain artificial flavors and sweeteners, preservatives, thickening agents and trans fats — all of which can cause inflammation.

Don’t let neck or back pain start brewing. Try turmeric milk or another anti-inflammatory beverage to help alleviate back pain in the morning.

Knowing can turn you into a spine health pro. By combining your spine health skills with an anti-inflammatory meal plan, and you’ll have a winning strategy to help prevent chronic spine pain.

If your doctor thinks surgery should be involved in your treatment plan, our spine care experts are here to help. Contact Laser Spine Institute for your free MRI review* to find out if you’re a candidate for our minimally invasive spine procedures.


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