Strengthening Exercises for Low Back Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, exercising might seem like the last thing you’d want to do when your pain makes it hard to even move. Getting some exercise can be even more difficult this time of the year if your pain is causing you to suffer the “holiday blues,” or depression. However, it turns out that performing doctor-approved, strengthening exercises can actually be a great way to reduce your lower back pain.
Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises can help promote blood flow in your lower back, as well as create firmer, stronger muscles that can help better support your spine – all of which can help ease your pain. Here are a few types of exercises your doctor or physical therapist might recommend:
  • Aerobic exercise – low-impact aerobics are a great way to condition your heart muscles and other muscles, maintain your overall health, and help quicken your recovery. Also, it can help you lose weight, which will ease the burden on your spine.
  • Strengthening exercises – Your doctor or physical therapist can suggest movements that focus on strengthening the muscles in your back, stomach, and legs. These “core” muscles can help create a stronger base of support for your spine.
  • Stretching exercises – gentle stretching can help keep your muscles and supportive tissues oxygenated, flexible, and less injury-prone.
Again, never begin any sort of exercise program without first consulting your doctor. Performing the wrong exercises, or performing exercises in the wrong way, could easily exacerbate your back pain, rather than help reduce it.

What exercises have you found helpful in easing your back pain? Be sure to join the conversation on the Laser Spine Institute Facebook page and share your tips with other users. As difficult as exercising with chronic back pain might seem, the right exercises can help you recover. Contact Laser Spine Institute to learn more, and to learn how our minimally invasive procedure


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