Things to look for in your mattress to avoid back pain 

Man Waking Up In Morning And Stretching On BedWe all remember the most famous insomniac among fairytale characters – even with mattresses stacked sky-high, this princess was sensitive enough to feel a tiny, little pea under the mattress at the bottom of the pile. While the story is silly, some of you may feel like that poor, sleep-deprived girl – with every twist and turn on your uncomfortable mattress, you lose more sleep. Robbed of a peaceful night’s sleep, the rest of your life suffers. To break this downward spiral, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks for catching more ZZZs.

Sleep matters – If you’ve ever missed a night of sleep, then you know its real value firsthand. Unfortunately, sleep quality is something we often overlook until we’re missing it. For years, researchers have been urging our frenetic society to be more consistent with sleep. According to Dr. Michael Decker, we have been “undervaluing [sleep’s] health-imparting benefits.” Did you know that a good night’s sleep has even been shown to aid in weight loss? Now you have a reason to sleep in on Saturdays!

Mattress matters – You may not know this, but mattresses have a short lifespan. Some experts recommend switching every 7-8 years. For many of us, skimping on a mattress seemed like a financially savvy decision, but now, your back may be disagreeing with you. Prioritizing a quality mattress can save your spine and in turn keep you pain free.

How to buy a mattress

Research – Be prepared before you enter the store. Know what you are looking for and what your price range will be before you encounter a salesman. Then, stick to your guns. A quality mattress will cost you more, but it’s an investment worth making.

Medium firm – If back pain is a concern, then communicate that while looking for the right mattress. Focus on the density and quality of the mattress. Dr. Perry of Laser Spine Institute recommends a medium-firm mattress for those with lower back pain.

Try it out – Even if you feel a bit funny lying down in the middle of a store, it’s worthwhile to “test drive” different mattresses. Lie down in the position you typically sleep in so you have a real idea of how it feels.

With the recommended average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night, you easily spend a third of your lifetime on a mattress, but most of us spend more time choosing a car to drive than a mattress to sleep on. Choose wisely and your back will thank you in the long run.


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