This list could help save your spine — naturally

This list could help save your spine — naturallyPain medication isn’t always the answer. It may help while recovering from an injury, but it can come with unpleasant side effects. What’s worse — long-term use can lead to addiction while only masking the pain. But there are other options.

Here are our top 15 natural pain relievers. Leave pills behind with these alternate routes to relief:

  1. Try foam rolling. It’s like a deep-tissue massage! Work out muscle knots, trigger points and scar tissue by stretching your muscles.
  2. Sip on golden milk. Replace inflammatory lattes or beverages with this tasty turmeric treat.
  3. Let yourself soak. Make time for a warm bath or hot tub soak. This will increase blood flow and address muscle spasms caused by lactic acid buildup.
  4. Stop to breathe. Calm yourself by practicing controlled breathing techniques to ease tension.
  5. Brew peppermint tea. Drinking a mug of peppermint tea can reduce stress and relax muscles. You may even sleep better!
  6. Make time to stretch. Improve your circulation, increase range of motion and relieve muscle tension. Ask your doctor which muscles you should focus on and how.
  7. Get a massage. This natural muscle relaxer can help your posture, immune system and even eliminate headaches.
  8. Increase water intake. Reduce back pain by staying hydrated! Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.
  9. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Avoid back pain by eating anti-inflammatory foods like nuts, zucchini and kale. This will help you cut out refined sugars and other inflammatory foods!
  10. Try aromatherapy. Relieve tension with essential oil fragrances like eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint.
  11. You can do yoga. Relax muscles and build core strength with our yoga challenge — a great way to explore natural pain relief.
  12. Perfect your posture. Reduce neck pain naturally by using proper ergonomics at home and work.
  13. Herbal supplements. Herbs for back pain, like rosemary and turmeric, are packed with anti-inflammatory properties as natural pain relievers.
  14. Sleep well. Getting a good night’s sleep will promote muscle relaxation and repair.
  15. Chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments can reposition the joints in the spine to naturally reduce inflammation and pressure.

Print this list as a reminder of all the natural ways to relieve pain from your spine condition. Everyone recovers from injury at a different pace, but if your neck or back pain has become prolonged and debilitating, reach out to Laser Spine Institute. Our team can review your MRI and provide helpful guidance about your next step to relief.


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