This winter routine can freeze out back pain

This winter routine can freeze out back pain FBYou may have heard the big myth about cold weather and back pain — but while no scientific evidence proves that colder temperatures can hurt your back, your winter routine may be debatable.


It’s tempting to let your spine health take a holiday vacation but not this year. By making these lifestyle changes during the chilly season, you’ll have a solid plan to relieve back pain in the winter:

Substitute sugary dishes

Think twice before hitting the drive-through, even when that frosty windshield urges a stop for hot chocolate. With enough processed sugar to fuel a flare-up, excess holiday sweets may make the season painful, not joyful. Try these anti-inflammatory substitutes for your favorite winter treats:

Warm up your muscles

Cold weather can stiffen your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and that’s where winter back pain can come from. But staying warm doesn’t stop with cozy jackets and space heaters. Try these stretches to prevent back pain during the coldest months:

Plan your winter workouts

By switching things up for the season, you’ll do more than keep yourself motivated to exercise. Winter workouts can also help you avoid common winter injuries, like a herniated disc while shoveling snow or muscle strain from lifting a Christmas tree. Before bundling up by the fireplace, plan some time for these winter exercises:

Your spine isn’t playing hot and cold — flare-ups during colder seasons are surprisingly common. Preventive measures, like your spine health routine or other conservative treatments, can help freeze out neck and back pain.

Contact Laser Spine Institute if your chronic spine condition is keeping you on the couch this season. Our minimally invasive spine procedures can have you up and walking within hours of surgery,^  helping you get back to your winter fun.


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