Tips for staying in a hotel with neck and back pain


Vacation means staying in a hotel and taking a break from the mundane duties of housekeeping and cooking. Vacation means spending the day relaxing and not thinking about a to-do list. Taking a trip to a far off (or close by!) land offers hope of rejuvenation for most.

While the idea of basking in the sun all day sound like heaven, thoughts of sleeping arrangements may plague the mind. For those suffering from neck and back pain, a vacation is anything but relaxing. You have a routine down at home – you know what position to mush your pillow into for optimum support and how to sleep to avoid debilitating back pain in the morning. No matter how comfortable a hotel bed is, it’s not your bed and can potentially cause a neck or back pain flare up.
So how do you make your stay at a hotel more enjoyable? Try these suggestions to get the most out of your vacation:

Don’t lounge in bed. Although relaxing in bed while watching TV or reading a book may sound like the perfect solution to relieving your stress, it’s not the best for your back. Lying in bed may put additional strain on your spine – unless you are sleeping, that is. You may consider opting for a chair and propping your feet up.
Find the best seat for your back. It’s important that your chair offers your spine the support it needs. And let’s be honest, most hotels aren’t known for their comfortable seating. So you may have to help your chair support your spine with a lumbar roll. This will help relieve pressure from your spine and support the natural curve of your back.
Sleep well. This may be the toughest task to check off your vacation to-do list if you suffer from neck and back pain. However, there are many sleeping positions that can help relieve the stress on your back.

You just have to find what works best for you. Try these positions:

• If you’re a side sleeper, try placing a pillow between your knees to give your spine some added support.
• If you prefer to sleep on your back, try placing a lumbar roll or pillow under the curve of your back.
• You can also try sleeping with a pillow under your pelvis, rather than under your head, to offer more support to spine if you like to sleep on your stomach.
• You may also consider investing in a full body pillow that is designed to offer your back support while you are sleeping.
• If you find that your bed is too soft, some hotels offer the option of placing a board under your mattress for added firmness.

Live the glamorous life. Many hotels have amenities that are designed to enhance your trip. Consider taking a dip in the hotel’s hot tub or take a trip to the steam room to help alleviate or prevent neck and back pain. You may also consider getting a massage during your stay to relax your neck and back muscles.
Going on vacation doesn’t have to take a toll on your nerves. Just remember to relax and have fun.


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