Yoga poses for men’s back pain


We’re not stretching the truth — it’s a common misconception that yoga is only for women. In fact, those controlled breathing techniques and relaxing poses come with surprising health benefits that some men may be missing out on.

For men, low-impact fitness can help reduce neck and back pain, strengthen muscles and even improve sex life by increasing stamina. By learning these beginner yoga poses for men, you can use yoga exercises for lower back pain relief and to improve overall health.

Get started by fitting these moves into your men’s yoga routine:

Warrior two pose










Channel your inner warrior while improving your balance, stamina and concentration.

Try it: Stand with your feet grounded and hands at your sides. Step your feet wide lengthwise and turn your left foot at a 90 degree angle to your right foot. Next, turn your right foot slightly inward and raise your arms so they are straight out from your sides, making sure your shoulders aren’t raised and your palms are facing the ground. Now, focus your gaze on your left fingertips, extending out through your hands. Bend your left knee, making sure your knee is aligned above your ankle, with your thigh parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for five breaths, then straighten your legs. Switch your footing position and repeat this sequence on the other side.

Side plank










Toughen your core strength by stabilizing the muscles around your spine.

Try it: Lay on your side and hold yourself up with your forearm, keeping it aligned with your shoulder. Keeping your feet together, engage your core muscles and raise your hips until your entire body is perfectly aligned. Hold this position without moving for ten seconds, then switch to the other side. Gradually increase your time intervals as you continue training.

High Lunge










Stretch your way to a stronger lower back while reducing muscle tension.

Try it: Stand facing forward with your feet hip-width apart. Step your right foot forward a couple feet, or at the most comfortable distance for you. Bend your right knee, keeping it aligned with your heel. Make sure your toes, hips and shoulders are facing forward. Engage your thigh and core muscles, then raise your arms toward the sky, palms facing each other. Breathe deep and hold this pose for 30 seconds.

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