George’s quality of life is “so much better” now

George FairsGeorge, from Canada, was no stranger to back pain. He started having pain in his early 50s from disc problems. What was new to George, though, was the care he received at Laser Spine Institute.

There’s no clear cause of George’s back pain. There wasn’t a tragic accident or serious fall. In fact, George was known for being active, spending four mornings per week in the gym, walking, hiking, hunting and snowshoeing in his spare time.

His physicians told him that he simply overused his back. As his spinal stenosis pain grew more severe, so did George’s determination to find a solution. After two years of conservative, nonsurgical treatments, the pain was still escalating.

After his physician suggested a surgical option, George began researching his choices. His surgeon in Canada suggested a double laminectomy at his L4/L5, which would remove large portions on the vertebrae at that level.

“One should never take surgery lightly. I had to do my due diligence,” he said. “I spoke with Laser Spine Institute, Mayo Clinic and St. Joseph’s. Laser Spine Institute was the only who would do a minimally invasive spine surgery.”

During his research, George found Laser Spine Institute’s website. He called and spoke with a Patient Care Coordinator, who answered his questions about Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures and his condition. George decided that Laser Spine Institute was the best option for him.

“Everyone from the front desk, to surgeons, to nurses — I was absolutely thrilled with the quality of care and education I received,” he shared. “I was impressed with how well everything was coordinated. All critical information was double-checked.”

Dr. Luke performed both of George’s minimally invasive spine surgeries. Dr. Luke spoke with George before his surgeries, informing him that two of his vertebrae needed attention.

“Dr. Luke told me that it was my decision if I wanted to have both surgeries,” he shared. “So, I had two surgeries, but there was zero pressure beforehand.”

In addition to being impressed with his surgical outcomes and the staff at Laser Spine Institute, George was also enamored with how the company operated.

“My experience was brilliant,” he revealed. “The level of care, education and courtesy was amazing. I put a lot of effort into understanding what my problems were. I learned a bunch at Laser Spine Institute.”

Now, a few months past surgery, George describes his success like a “saw tooth upward” graph.

“I am progressing week by week and still have days where I get pain,” he said. “My bad days post-surgery and my pain are a fraction of what I had before surgery. My bad days are becoming fewer and much further apart.”

As his painful days lessen, George has had great days where he has felt like he was 35 years old.  Although he is happy to be able to do some things like hiking and snowshoeing again, he’s most grateful for the little things such as hanging Christmas lights.

“My quality of life has been so much better than it was years previous,” he shared. “My wife and I recently went to church together and took a walk. We haven’t done that in years.”

George encourages those suffering from neck or back pain “to get down to Laser Spine Institute,” saying his only regret is that he “didn’t get down there a year sooner.”

“I was promised that there was a good chance of reduction in pain. They never promised a pain-free life. The pain I do get, really isn’t that bad,” he said. “Don’t dawdle. If it’s stenosis pain you’ve got, don’t wait. Get down there fast.”


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