Steve returned to his love of motorcycle riding

steve-lombardiDebilitating back pain had robbed Steve Lombardi of his ability to enjoy the things he found most rewarding in life. As an avid motorcycle rider, his chronic conditions made it impossible for him to ride. Steve suffered from back pain for most of his adult life. Eventually, the pain became so severe that he was unable to participate in many of the things he once loved.

“The pain down my leg would become incredible. I could not ride for very long, and that’s when I was feeling good enough to ride at all,” he remembered. “It almost got to the point where I was almost afraid to even just get on the bike. There’s no end to the pain. Eventually, it got to me.”

Surgeons told Steve that because of his age and the severity of his back condition, there was nothing they could do for him. This reveal left Steve feeling like his life was over, contemplating how he was going to work and provide for his family. He had lost his hope.

“You know, when you think there’s hope, you always have a reason to keep going,” he shared. “But when someone tells you: No, there’s no more I can do. Where are you supposed to go from there?”

Once he heard about Laser Spine Institute and learned that he was a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery, his hope was renewed. He was able to find reasons to continue pushing forward with his life.

“When I came across LSI, they alleviated all my fears,” he said. “They explained to me exactly what they were going to do. In my mind, there was no question, I knew what was going to happen every step of the way.”

He traveled to Laser Spine Institute’s surgery center in Tampa, Fla. A new MRI and physical evaluation confirmed that he was suffering from bulging and herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.

“I woke up in recovery, and there was absolutely no pain at all,” he recalled. “My back was great. I could not walk in, but I walked out.”

Steve’s surgeon performed minimally invasive spine surgery that put an end to his suffering. He was back on his feet within the same day of his surgery, and was able to quickly return to riding his motorcycle and providing for his family.

“I was back to working on the bike as soon as I got home,” he shared. “It’s amazing. Now, I can get on the bike. I can go anywhere. Laser Spine Institute gave me my life back. I’m still going strong today because of them.”


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