Peter Jacobsen: I was golfing a week after surgery

Peter_Jacobsen_A_cmykAs a professional golfer, I understand the importance of staying physically healthy—especially when it comes to your back. I also know that sometimes, your back just begins to ache for no apparent reason. That’s what happened to me, but Laser Spine Institute helped me find relief from my back pain.

For a while, I dealt with the pain and muscled through it because I thought it would go away on its own. But over time, my back pain gradually worsened to the point that I felt like I couldn’t do anything without experiencing what felt like a strike of lightning running through my body. Not only was it difficult to golf, but it was hard to do even everyday activities.

My bilateral sciatica made it so that I couldn’t sit comfortably, walk up stairs or even sleep at night. I tried everything I could think of to help find relief from the pain. I tried rehab specialists, strength training, stretching and anti-inflammatory medications. But, nothing took my pain away.

I knew that I didn’t want to live with back pain for the rest of my life, so I started searching for options. That’s when I heard about Laser Spine Institute. After looking into their minimally invasive approach to back surgery, I decided to tour the facility to learn more about their surgeries.

I was very skeptical, and I wanted to see if their surgeries really worked. If I hadn’t seen the results with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.  After visiting the facility, I was convinced and decided to schedule surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

My experience at Laser Spine Institute was nothing short of amazing. Every person treated me with kindness and respect. I’ve never encountered another team of people who care more than those at Laser Spine Institute. They made me feel at ease about my surgery.

The surgeon created a surgical plan and walked me through it after he determined where my pain was coming from. He said that he expected that I would feel significantly better immediately after the surgery.

He was right. After the surgery, I felt amazing. I had some residual pain from the surgery, but my nagging back pain was gone. I felt so good that I went out to dinner after my back surgery that night. A week later, I was doing what I love and competing in a golf tournament. Laser Spine Institute made it possible for me to live life without being in pain.

If you are suffering from neck or back pain, I highly encourage you to learn more about how Laser Spine Institute could help you. They’ll make you feel comfortable, and their surgeons will do everything they can to help you find relief from your back pain.


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