Peter Miller: I spend 200 days on the water because of Laser Spine Institute

Peter Miller_DSC_4595_CMYKAs a professional fisherman and host of the NBC Sports’ TV show “Bass 2 Billfish with Peter Miller,” I have to be at the top of my game at all times. While the highlight of my days on the water is centered on reeling in a large fish, my job also requires a significant amount of physical labor. But more than that, I’m part of a team.

I frequently lift objects that weigh a large amount and am continually pushing my body as hard as possible. Because of the strenuous nature of my job, I found myself with two herniated discs and a pinched nerve in my lower back. For a while, I convinced myself that the pain would go away.

However, the pain stuck around. I tried to find relief from my back pain through the help of a chiropractor and physical therapy. I was unable to lift heavy objects, and if I moved a certain way, searing pain would radiate down my legs. I began to feel like I was letting my team down.

I eventually decided that I needed to start looking for another solution for my back pain. I was told that I needed a fusion or another procedure that required a long, deep cut. That terrified me. I knew I didn’t want a fusion, and I knew I didn’t want a huge incision down the length of my back.

Through continued research, I found Laser Spine Institute. Could I really have back surgery with a less than 1-inch incision? I didn’t think it was possible. But, I called Laser Spine Institute and talked to a Spine Care Consultant and learned that it was possible.

I scheduled my surgery and met with Stefan Prada, M.D., my orthopedic spine surgeon at Laser Spine Institute, when I arrived, Dr. Prada and the Laser Spine Institute team performed some tests to pinpoint where the source of my pain was. Once they knew what was causing my pain, they formed a plan.

After my surgery, I remember standing up for the first time and thinking ‘wow!’ I was standing up straight, and I wasn’t in any pain. It had been at least six months since the last time I was able to stand without pain. It was the best feeling in the world.

Because of Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures, I’m able to be a part of the team again. I’m able to go out on the water and fish and not worry about my back. It’s the greatest feeling.

I’m spending 200 days a year fishing because Laser Spine Institute fixed my back. I recommend that you call Laser Spine Institute today if you’re suffering from chronic neck or back pain.


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