Ray’s Laser Spine Institute experience was “fantastic”

Mohican 2014 Finish LineRay is an engineer by trade, but if you ask him, his story is more accurately represented outside of four walls. Ray prefers to live his life being as active as possible. It was customary for him to partake in three to four 100-mile runs per year. And to train for those races, he participated in 50k marathons and ran 30 to 50 miles weekly. By definition, Ray lived an active lifestyle.

The once-active man found it difficult to walk a mere 50 feet in a grocery store one day. Somewhere over his eight-year venture into running, Ray injured his back. The injury exposed itself in mild ways in the beginning with a pain in the gluteal muscles — something that could easily be misconstrued as regular muscle soreness.

“Around December, I realized it was my back,” Ray remembered. “So I went to a chiropractor for an adjustment. At this point, I was still running.”

Over time, though, the pain occurred more often with greater intensity. Ray found that he was becoming unable to do many of the things he once loved.

“By the end of February, it got really painful,” he shared. “The chiropractor wasn’t impacting as much as it was before. This is when numbness and pins and needles started down outside of my leg.”

Although some of the pain would dissipate with chiropractic adjustments, “it wasn’t making a dent on the numbness,” Ray revealed. His chiropractor suggested that Ray have an MRI. So he got an MRI and created a list of qualities he wanted in his spine care.

“When my pain started, I started a search for a surgeon with specific criteria,” he said. “I wanted spine surgery to be the only thing they did, and for them to be extreme experts. I wanted something minimally invasive that didn’t cut my muscles, and I wanted excellent customer service.”

His search led him to Laser Spine Institute.

“I had seen Laser Spine Institute commercials, but it didn’t really click because I had never really had an issue with it,” he shared. “I didn’t know anyone who had been there, so I started reading the reviews. They lined up with what I wanted to do. My goal wasn’t just to get out of pain. I wanted my whole life back.”

Ray’s first impression of Laser Spine Institute was “wow” as he filled out a form online and was called within 15 minutes. Once he was cleared as a candidate for surgery, he made arrangements to visit Laser Spine Institute Philadelphia.

He was most impressed with the staff’s ability to always remember his name, saying, “I don’t know how they did it.”

“My experience was fantastic,” he remembered. “The best way to describe it is that I never felt like I was being put into the system. It felt like it was all about me.”

Ray has found success after his minimally invasive spine surgery.

“I have zero back pain – not even a twinge,” he said. “The left leg has a little bit of numbness, but they said it would take nine months to a year to fully heal.”

Ray has been careful in his recovery to not undo all the work his surgeon did. He approached his recovery with a methodical touch, tracking his success in a journal and noting what exercises caused pain and at what intensity. He recently participated in a 100-mile trail run.

Because of his recovery and lack of pain, Ray frequently encourages people suffering with back pain to consider Laser Spine Institute.

“You have options,” he said. “There’s no reason why you can’t get back to your normal activities. You don’t have to live with the pain. Don’t be afraid.”


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