Running the race: Diane participates in 8k after Laser Spine Institute back surgery

Diane -LoramWhat is the quickest way to stop an active person in her tracks? Send a jolt of pain shooting through her body from her sciatic nerve. That will give almost anyone reason for pause – it certainly did for Diane.

Diane, 59, was an athletic person. She was an avid runner, enjoyed playing golf, riding her motorcycle and lifting weights. However, over time, Diane’s sciatic pain began to grow and ultimately began interfering with her daily life. She started limiting the athletic activities she once loved and found that traveling became more and more difficult. Diane was slowing watching her life pass her by.

Tired of watching his wife live in pain and missing her favorite activities, Diane’s husband began researching treatment options. He found Laser Spine Institute online and presented the opportunity to his wife.

“It’s certainly worth a look. I’ve not found other solutions at this point,” Diane thought.

Laser Spine Institute was really the only option for Diane. The big selling point for her was the fact that Laser Spine Institute surgeons performed minimally invasive spine surgeries.

“I liked the fact that it was minimally invasive spine surgery. I would not have had back surgery if it was not so,” she said.

She was impressed with the facility and the staff and physicians at Laser Spine Institute. She described all those she met as “exceptional.”

“I was pleased with the personal in general. The people who were involved were exceptional. The surgeons and staff are exceptional,” she recalled.

Diane’s surgery was a success. After her procedure with Dr. Weiss, she began on her road to recovery. She found that she never needed to take a pain pill after her surgery. Six weeks later, Diane competed in a two-day softball tournament. She also participated in an 8k trail run shortly after her surgery. The most Diane had run before that race was 2 miles. Diane’s not only back to living her life, she’s back to smashing her personal goals as well.

“I’m back to doing what I was before,” she shared


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