Suzanne: “Going to Laser Spine Institute was the greatest thing I’ve ever done”

Testimonial SuzanneSuzanne was training for Ironman Arizona when she found herself in an emergency room seeking relief from pain burning down her back.  The emergency room physician gave Suzanne an injection to help control her pain, but it only provided momentary relief.

“My whole leg was numb. I could barely walk,” she remembered. “It was unbearable. The worst pain in my life.”

Her physician ordered an MRI and discovered that Suzanne had a ruptured disc that was causing her back pain. He suggested that she have surgery to relieve the pain.

“He said that if I was to go through the conventional surgery that there’s no telling how long I’d be out,” she shared. “He recommended I go to Laser Spine Institute, because they’d be able to at least get me up and walking.”

Suzanne heeded her doctor’s suggestion and made an appointment to meet with a Laser Spine Institute physician that same day. She met with the doctor, and determined she was a candidate for surgery. They scheduled her minimally invasive spine procedure after her initial review.

As Suzanne went through Laser Spine Institute’s streamlined patient process, she was continually impressed with the company’s Culture of Care.

“Everybody was just wonderful and very open, friendly,” she shared. “When my family came there for the surgery, they were feeding them and taking care of them. It was wonderful.”

After her minimally invasive spine surgery, Suzanne’s pain was significantly diminished and she “walked right out.” She has been able to continue her training for the Ironman Arizona competition.

“Now, I’m training four or five days per week – doing either biking or swimming or running,” she shared. “It’s been great. No back pain at all.”

Suzanne encourages anyone she meets who is suffering from chronic neck or back pain to call Laser Spine Institute.

“It’s an incredible experience. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life,” she said. “I’ve been telling people with back pain that they have to go to Laser Spine Institute and be evaluated. It’s just the greatest thing that I’ve ever done, definitely.”


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