4 things that will delay your surgery

Once you’ve been told that you’re a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery, you just want to get out of pain as fast as possible. Laser Spine Institute has a Medical Clearance Department that partners with our patients to ensure they have the best experience possible.

Lynette Bear, DNP and CRNA, Laser Spine Institute’s Director of Medical Screening, understands the fears patients have concerning surgery — especially if they have health problems that may prevent them from having surgery. “The Medical Screening Department at Laser Spine Institute is made up of a team of highly skilled nurses who will review your patient history and work closely with your physician to make sure that you are safe during surgery,” she said. “Patient safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.”

A nurse anesthetist for more than 20 years, Bear is skilled in helping patients overcome obstacles associated with surgery.

Some things that cause delays, according to Bear, include:

Blood sugar. blood sugarThose who have diabetes may experience a delay in medical screening if their blood sugar levels aren’t within correct range. You can work with your physician to help control your. This can also be done through healthy eating and exercise.

Medication issues. Some patients experience a delay in medical screening if they do not obey their medication instructions. If medications are stopped too soon or too late, your surgery may be delayed for safety reasons. Make sure to stop medications when specified — not early or late.

Sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, it doesn’t mean that you will not be medically cleared. Laser Spine Institute’s Medical Screening team works closely with your physician to ensure your safety. Many with sleep apnea are able to undergo surgery without a problem.

Stents. If you have a heart stent, you may be required to undergo a waiting period to ensure that it is safe for you to have surgery. Many times, having a stent does not mean that you will not be cleared for surgery. It means that our team will work diligently with your physician to ensure your safety.

Physicians. Sometimes your surgery can be delayed because Laser Spine Institute has difficulty reaching your physician. To help speed this process along, you can submit Laser Spine Institute’s release of information form as soon as possible and let your physician know that we will be contacting them. Talking with your physician is imperative to clearing you medically.

If you are in medical screening and have questions, you can reach the Medical Screening Department by contacting your Patient Care Coordinator.


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