Choosing a Spine Surgeon

When considering spine surgery, there are key elements to look out for before choosing a facility and surgeon. Keeping these items in mind while making this big decision can make a vast difference in the outcome of your surgery.


1. Look for a surgery center with a low infection rate.

Do your research and make sure the facility you’re considering is clean and reputable. Undergoing surgery in a facility carrying a low infection rate can result in fewer complications with your surgery. The risks of infection, clotting, hemorrhaging and other post-operative complications are significantly smaller in an ambulatory surgery center than a hospital. Hospitals are known for carrying an excess of serious infectious agents and very ill patients. Don’t put yourself at risk if you don’t need to, and find a facility that boasts a low infection rate.

2. Look for a surgical option with a fast recovery.

Having surgery is a big decision and could be a major lifestyle change, so do your research. Look for the option that has the quickest recovery. As medical technology has advanced, the number of procedures that at one time, required hospitalization, can now be safely performed on an outpatient basis. With outpatient surgery, you are up on your feet sooner and on your way to recovery without a hospital stay. Minimally invasive spine surgery allows patients to return to their daily activities and lifestyle sooner than with other surgeries, such as an open back procedure.


3. Find a highly regarded surgical facility with a good reputation.

Discovering a surgery center that offers the latest in medical advances and a soothing environment is vital for a positive treatment process. Find a facility that’s credentialed, such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). AAAHC is the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation, and sets the standards of quality for a variety of ambulatory health care organizations.


4. Schedule with a top notch surgeon.

Look for a surgeon who believes that you should be educated before surgery about what’s going to happen with straightforward communication. Your surgeon’s goal should be providing a surgery experience that is as pleasant as possible. Look for a surgeon who is highly rated and has an open and friendly staff with esteemed training and credentials.

Laser Spine Institute, accredited by AAAHC, successfully performs more minimally invasive spine surgeries each month than any other spine surgery facility in the nation, setting us apart as the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. Our award-winning surgeons have set the modern precedent for orthopedic excellence, and are at the forefront of outpatient minimally invasive spine procedures. Our procedures have made it possible for individuals to find relief from neck and back pain, but without the risks of traditional, open-back surgeries, with a 0.10% infection rate, compared to a 4.5% national hospital average. Our streamlined patient experience eliminates hospital-associated costs and makes it easy for patients to travel to Laser Spine Institute for treatment. Over 87% of patients report improvement within 3 months of having their surgery. We have a 96% patient satisfaction rate and maintain industry leading regional surgical centers conveniently located in Tampa, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City and Scottsdale. To learn more about our treatment options contact LSI today.


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