How does acupuncture work to treat back pain?

AcupunctureYou’ve heard of acupuncture, but remain skeptical about a treatment that involves needles to treat your lower back pain. As surprising as it sounds, many patients have actually reported acupuncture to be a relaxing and effective treatment for their chronic back pain.

If you’re experiencing back pain at any level, acupuncture may be worth exploring as a conservative, or nonsurgical, treatment option for more reasons than you know.

Acupuncture is a traditional eastern healing art that works with the body’s flow of energy.

Traditionally, acupuncturists work with the body’s “meridians” — the pathways through which the body’s energy flows — to stimulate the central nervous system. If these pathways become obstructed, acupuncturists will place needles to stimulate the affected area, creating a more balanced energy flow and decreasing pain.

While the thought of needles could be intimidating to anyone at first glance, their use in acupuncture is very different from getting an injection at a doctor’s office. With spine-related pain, the biggest advantages to acupuncture are the potential abilities to stimulate the nervous system, release endorphins and provide pain relief.

The placement of small needles likely sparks the nervous system, which can also help tackle one of the biggest challenges with back pain — the muscular component to a condition. Whether a spine condition is acute, chronic or ongoing, acupuncturists can provide treatment using a variety of techniques and schools of thought.

It truly brings an Eastern point of view into Western medicine and offers a different perspective on how our bodies function and heal. In addition, acupuncture can also help with the depression and anxiety that may sometimes occur when coping with back pain in your everyday life.

If continued nonsurgical treatment has not helped you find relief from chronic neck or back pain, contact Laser Spine Institute. Our team will review your MRI to determine if our minimally invasive outpatient procedures could help you get your life back.


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