New neck pain study supports minimally invasive approach

New neck pain study supports minimally invasive approachIf you’ve been recommended for neck surgery, our latest study may make your decision easier. The results are in, and neck pain sufferers have more reason to choose minimally invasive spine surgery than ever before.

During a one-year period, we evaluated 80 patients suffering from chronic neck pain who underwent one of our minimally invasive neck procedures — an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF).

“Our ACDF procedure benefits patients with painful conditions of the neck,” said Dr. Reginald Davis, the Director of Clinical Research at Laser Spine Institute. “This includes degenerative disc disease, herniated cervical disc, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis or any condition that leads to compression or irritation of the nerves and spinal joints.”

Key findings from Laser Spine Institute’s neck pain study:

  • Patients had reduced pain levels
  • Patients had no complications during or after surgery
  • All patients were discharged less than six hours after surgery
  • Patients had less surgical blood loss than traditional open neck surgery
  • The average surgery time was less than two and a half hours

“This study supports Laser Spine Institute’s philosophy and effort in delivering our patients an effective technique for this widely performed surgery,” said Dr. Davis. “This enhances the rapidity of healing and quality of outcomes while minimizing the surgical trauma, blood loss, injury and pain associated with a traditional spine surgery.”

While you’re researching surgical options, keep in mind — it’s not only our proven outcomes that set us apart in minimally invasive spine surgery. With industry leaders like Dr. Davis and the rest of the Laser Spine Institute team, our drive to innovate is unmatched.

“Unlike most other spine care providers using standard technologies, Laser Spine Institute is helping to define best in class,” said Dr. Davis. “Our ability and willingness to evaluate advanced technologies — demonstrating their safety, efficacy and advantages to our patients — is an important aspect of this study that makes Laser Spine Institute stand out.”

If your journey to neck pain relief has stalled at the idea of surgery, trust the experts at Laser Spine Institute. Contact us for your free MRI review* to find out if you’re a candidate for our minimally invasive spine procedures.


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