Here’s why patients shouldn’t put off spine surgery


Are you or someone you care about suffering from chronic neck or back pain? Have multiple attempts to find relief not provided the results you had hoped for? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many people will go through several rounds of conservative care before realizing that spine surgery may be the best way to relieve their symptoms.

Yet with lasting relief in sight, many patients won’t move forward. Instead, they’ll hesitate, waiting months, even years, to get the help they so desperately need.

Does this sound like you? What you may not realize is your decision to delay spine surgery isn’t uncommon. According to our team of experts at Laser Spine Institute, there are some significant reasons why you or your loved ones may be waiting.

To help you understand what could be causing you and so many others to postpone spine surgery, we’ve enlisted the help of Laser Spine Institute’s Co-founder and Chief Medical Director, Dr. Michael Perry.

Here, in his own words, are the top reasons people put off spine surgery:

1. Fear

Dr. Perry: “Spinal conditions for the most part are non-emergencies. Therefore, people can think about it and end up going from doctor to doctor to get different opinions. When one doctor says you need surgery, some will get second opinions. It’s not that they don’t want to take care of their problem, it’s that they have an underlying fear of what they really don’t know.”

2. Misunderstanding spine surgery

Dr. Perry: “This fear is based off other peoples’ perceptions of what they’ve gone through. Not necessarily what our patients go through. That’s the main motivator that deters people from really having surgery, so they try everything but surgery. And unfortunately, a lot of times, they travel down the path of opioids which I think is a big issue.”

3. Pain level

Dr. Perry: “One of the things people don’t anticipate is pain. It’s a motivating factor. And there’s only so much of it one person can take. Despite conservative care and the use of narcotics, it’s a strong and driving force to get something done. When pain passes a particular point in the path of physiology and the disease process, that’s what motivates them to do further research and say, ‘I have to get it done.’”

4. Timing

Dr. Perry: “‘Who’s going to take care of my mother, father or dependents? Can I take off work for that long? Who will help me with my responsibilities for care giving?’ These are some of the questions people consider before having spine surgery. And more times than not, they use them to talk themselves out of it.”

5. They don’t think it will work

Dr. Perry: “Before coming to Laser Spine Institute, many patients may have visited other providers and been told they need multiple surgeries. Our focused approach is what makes us different. We don’t treat images; we treat people. And unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of surgeons treat the images. By correlating the patient’s symptomatology with diagnostic imaging, testing and a physical examination, we can determine the precise pain generator and treat that area.”

Dr. Perry offered hope to those patients still searching for a viable solution for their chronic neck or back pain. And he encouraged them to talk with one of Laser Spine Institute’s caring Spine Care Consultants before giving up. To learn more about Laser Spine Institute’s procedures and see the success stories from the people we’ve helped find lasting relief, visit


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