What Can You Expect at a Laser Spine Institute Medical Consultation?

With the numerous, nationwide, consultations we offer every month, Laser Spine Institute makes it easy for chronic back and neck pain sufferers to take the first steps toward finding relief. From coast to coast, we set up sessions where prospective patients can speak one-on-one with a member of our medical team, get their questions answered, and find out more about whether they might be a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures.

But if you’ve never met face-to-face with a spine specialist or discussed your back pain in such detail, it can be somewhat overwhelming to consider attending one of our consultations. Rest assured, we’re here to help! We spoke with Clint Borm, our director of physician relations and consult services, and presented him with a series of commonly asked questions to get an in-depth breakdown of what you can expect at one of our consultations:

  • Why should I schedule a consultation? Who are the best candidates for this? Anyone who suffers from chronic neck or back pain, or who is looking for an alternative to open back or neck surgery and after trying conservative care of their spine aliments, should consider one of Laser Spine Institute’s medical consultations. The best candidates are people who have had an MRI of their neck or back in the last two years and have tried some sort of conservative treatment. Either way, if they have an MRI and would like more information about their condition and what options at Laser Spine Institute are available for them, they should schedule a consult.
  • How long is a consultation? Who do I meet with? The consulting medical professional will spend as much time as necessary with the patient to make sure they fully understand their condition, and which Laser Spine Institute procedures will address their neck or back pain to get them back on track to a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Where can patients receive consultations? What cities/locations? Consultations are held in our Surgery Center markets – Tampa, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, and Oklahoma City – as well as at our consult offices, which are located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; The Villages, FL; Cincinnati, OH; San Diego, CA; Beverly Hills, CA; and Albuquerque, NM (opening May 2).
  • What do I need to bring with me? Potential patients will need to bring their MRI images (either sheets or CD images), the written reports associated with those images, and any other information they would feel necessary that would help our medical professionals determine a proper recommendation for potential treatment at Laser Spine Institute.
  • If it turns out I’m a candidate, how long does it take to schedule surgery after I’ve had my consultation? The typical time it takes to schedule a surgery after the consult is really dictated by the patient. After all, this is elective surgery and we want to ensure the patient is comfortable and informed with the decision to proceed with Laser Spine Institute. Because of our numerous locations across the United States, oftentimes, if a patient is medically healthy, they could schedule their surgical experience in the same month. We do not rush the process, as our focus is on the patient’s safety and understanding, leading to a positive experience with excellent results.
  • What is the difference between a consultation and the seminars Laser Spine Institute offers? Laser Spine Institute Seminars are a great source of information for a group of potential patients in their home area. The seminars are presented by one of Laser Spine Institute’s physicians and go into detail about who we are, what we do, and what a patient can expect. The Laser Spine Institute consult is a one-on-one meeting with the medical professional addressing that individual patient’s information and educating them on a personal level to better prepare them for their potential Laser Spine Institute experience.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Laser Spine Institute and the state-of-the-art procedures we offer, contact us today to find out about setting up a consultation appointment near you. Also, be sure to join in the discussion on our Facebook page, where you can interact with other prospective patients, as well as past patients who can give you firsthand accounts of what the consultation experience is like.


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