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Carrot ginger smoothie

Juice-carrotEaster is celebrated in many ways, but chances are that candy and a big family dinner are involved.  This could mean a lot of empty calories and missing the nutrients we need. A healthy breakfast or snack can keep you from eating too much candy or other tempting indulgences this weekend.

You may have bought carrots for the Easter Bunny, but this year you’ll want to eat some yourself. The vision benefits from eating carrots are widely known. But did you know that they have cardiovascular benefits, too? Carrots have antioxidants that keep arteries from being damaged. Ginger also has a wealth of benefits: it is a strong anti-inflammatory, can settle an upset stomach, boosts immunity and helps prevent cancer.  Here’s our recipe for a delicious antioxidant-rich smoothie: Continue reading

Is stress affecting your back pain?

man-stressLife is full of stress – situations, people, challenges – many things that demand our time, resources, and energy. Stress is a burden to the body that every person deals with differently. The expression “where you carry your stress” is more than just a euphemism – it’s an actual phenomenon. For many people, that stress lands in the back. Here are some pointers for recognizing if that is the case for you and how to treat it. Continue reading

Keep your feet healthy this spring

barefeetThe warm weather of spring is getting us outside and active again. It’s no coincidence that April is Foot Health Awareness Month. If your feet aren’t healthy, other areas of your body have to compensate. Without proper care, problems with your feet could cause stress to your back. Here are some tips to choose the right footwear that will protect your feet and back from injury this season. Continue reading