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Peter Jacobsen: What it was like living with back pain

Peter JacobsenMost people know me as the TOUR pro who took down Kevin Costner in the movie Tin Cup. They also know that since I turned 50, I’ve had my fair share of health-related issues. I’ve had a hip and a knee replaced. But out of all the health issues I’ve endured, living with back pain was the absolute worst. And the most difficult part about it wasn’t how it affected my golf game – it was how it affected my quality of life.  Continue reading

Peter Miller’s health tips: How to perform the low cable row exercise

PeterMillerI had back surgery at Laser Spine Institute a little more than five years ago, and I still remember my first steps after surgery. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as my feet touched the floor, I realized that I didn’t feel any pain in my back. I remember thinking that the pain would kick in, but it never did. Now, several years later I’m still living without pain in my back. Continue reading

Natalie Gulbis: Living with back pain at 18

Natalie GulbisAs a young adult, most people dream about the goals they will achieve. Our futures are bright and the possibilities seem endless. I remember thinking I could accomplish anything at 18, especially since my dream of playing on the LPGA tour was already a reality. I remember feeling like I was invincible because I was only 18 and never considered that back pain would cost me my career. Continue reading

Peter Miller: I missed spending time with my kids

Peter Miller SurfingAfter I hurt my back several years ago, it was like my life stopped. Things that were once simple became difficult. I was forced to think about every move I made, and asked myself is this going to make my back hurt worse?

I couldn’t even walk upright. It used to take me probably a full minute just to stand up to be able to walk out of a restaurant. It was almost embarrassing. The worst part of my back pain wasn’t actually my discomfort. It was not being able to spend quality time with my loved ones. Continue reading

My Game Plan for Beating Back Pain

Coach-Lou HoltzI’m no stranger to strategy. So you have to believe me when I tell you that I tried everything to beat my upper back pain: dozens of shots, two surgeries on my neck and an artificial disc. It’s made two of my favorite things — working at ESPN and playing golf — battles that I felt like I was losing every day. I’m sure decades of coaching college football and, more recently, the long days on set, in addition to the plane rides to the station’s Connecticut studio, hardly helped my pain. Likewise for the years of noon tee times and pro-am golf tournaments I’ve played in — but those things are what I love to do. And back pain was getting in the way of that.

About six months ago, my back started locking up so badly that I could barely walk. It wasn’t until I went in for a check-up that I was officially diagnosed with spinal arthritis. With college football season around the corner, I knew something needed to be done permanently (and quickly) about my back pain.

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