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5 back-friendly ways to spend Labor Day

Marathon.A three-day weekend is upon you, but you’re already expecting your back pain to keep you stuck on a lawn chair watching everyone else have fun. Sound familiar? Whether you’re dealing with a strain or sprain, are recovering from back surgery or a back injury, or are living with arthritis, scoliosis or another back condition, pain doesn’t have to impede you from living your life. Check out five ways to enjoy your bonus Sunday while still being friendly to your back. Continue reading

Can a high-protein diet reduce back pain?

Risk factors_Weight-scale_IS-000015301864S_RF-SHigh-protein diets have become very popular for weight loss and body building. New diets are popping up all the time, promising a slim waist and reduced appetite. Another allure of these diets is the idea that one can eat butter, bacon and steak as opposed to salads, and still lose weight. The list of approved foods in this type of diet sounds like a dieter’s dream to be sure. Continue reading

How to avoid back pain during pregnancy

pregnancyAlong with cravings and an ever-expanding waistline, there’s another common pregnancy symptom that women often experience: back pain. Watch as Dr. Perry, Chief Medical Director at Laser Spine Institute, discusses this frequent topic among pregnant women. While it’s a common complaint, there are steps you can take to alleviate your aching back. Follow Dr. Perry’s do’s and don’ts to decrease back pain during your pregnancy.

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