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Cooking with fish as an anti-inflammatory

bass2billfishAs active individuals, we put our bodies through a lot each and every day. Sports, outdoor activities and sitting for extended periods of time can cause inflammation in our joints.

I spend more than 200 days on the water per year, which takes a toll on my joints and muscles. Rather than turn to medication, I try to cook with ingredients that help control pain and inflammation.

As a professional tournament fisherman, most of the fishing I do is catch and release. However, I do like to keep certain fish for the dinner table! Continue reading

Pain-fighting kabobs: 2 grill-worthy recipes

GrillThis time of year offers hot dogs and greasy hamburgers to grill. But don’t forget there are simple and healthy options, too. Next time you fire up the grill for a cookout, try a crowd-pleasing, anti-inflammatory recipe. Keeping inflammation down can decrease back and neck pain. Also, staying away from fatty options is good for all guests attending your meal. There’s still plenty of time to grill this summer, so try these healthy kabob options to please your palate and soothe your joints. Continue reading

The 5 best ways to prevent a slipped disc

slipped-discMost of the time a visit to the doctor occurs because something went wrong – you came down with a cold or you‘re injured. But what if you could prevent an injury from happening in the first place? Preventive care is unfortunately overlooked far too often.

In this case, what’s overlooked may be proper care for your spine. Read on to learn five easy ways to prevent a slipped disc. Trust us – it’s worth it to read these tips. Continue reading

4 easy ways to avoid a back injury this summer


Summer is freedom – it equals time away from school, work and the drudgery of regular life. But like most things that bring us enjoyment, boundaries are helpful to maintain fun and avoid injury. For many popular summer activities, risk is involved – whether it’s reaching new heights on a roller coaster or chasing new speeds on a water ski. Keep reading to find easy ways to avoid injuries while still embracing the freedoms of summer. Continue reading