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Sciatica — Stretches for relief

sciatica-stretches-for-relief3 best stretches to help your sciatica

When your sciatica flares up, it can be a real pain in the bum — literally. When sciatic pain sets in, it suddenly becomes difficult to move with ease. And, honestly, you’re more than a little afraid that your legs are going to give out or you’re going to bend down and not be able to stand back up. And although living with sciatic pain can be a challenge, you can help ease your discomfort through regular stretching.

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4 can’t-miss diet tips to reduce neck and back pain

Peter Miller's 4 Can't Miss Diet TipsIf you’re like me, you’re all too familiar with chronic neck or back pain. I tried many things to get rid of my back pain. Ultimately, I decided to have surgery at Laser Spine Institute. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now my back pain is gone, and I’m able to do anything I want. And I don’t want that to change.

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5 common spine conditions you should know about

5 Common Back ConditionsAre you one of the 80 percent of Americans who live with chronic neck or back pain? If so, you know firsthand how confusing it can be to understand your pain and how to treat it. You’ve probably sat in multiple doctors’ offices, listening to them describe your condition and wondering what they’re really saying. So we’re here to break down some of the most common conditions for you in an easy-to-understand way. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain:

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