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Greek orzo salad for your next picnic

Greek orzo saladPasta salads are a summer staple, but can become boring with white flour pasta and store-bought dressings. If you’re looking for something a little healthier this year, try using orzo. Orzo looks like a grain, but is actually pasta shaped like a grain. It can be made out of white flour, whole wheat flour or even rice flour.  Whole wheat flour digests slower than white flour and causes less of a spike in blood sugar. Whole wheat is also good for heart health. Continue reading

Is back pain causing my headaches? 


Triggers. They’re the obsession of anyone who suffers from chronic headaches. What causes that throbbing pain in your temples? If you could figure it out, then you could avoid carrying pain medicine everywhere. To find the source, consider thinking holistically and not just focusing on your head. It’s possible that a neck or back problem is leading to your cerebral challenges. Keep reading to learn more about the connections between back pain and headaches. Continue reading

How to properly swing a golf club

Natalie Gulbis_tee-offA proper golf swing can make or break a day on the green. If you’ve ever struggled to connect with that dimpled little golf ball, then you understand the exasperation that millions of golfers experience worldwide. Such an apparently easy task can quickly become frustrating if you aren’t shown how to correctly swing the club. Or maybe you can get the ball down the green without a problem – it’s your back pain that puts a damper on your game. Regardless of your history with golf, keep reading for some tips on straightening out that swing and spending a pain-free day on the course. Continue reading

Is your beer belly causing your back pain? 

Beer bellyA nice, cold drink should help you relax, unwind, and chill out.  But indulging too often can lead to unexpected side effects that will do anything but lower your stress. Drinking too often can lead to weight gain – and if it centers in your gut – you might end up with a beer belly. This concentrated weight can then put added strain on your back and lead to pain. Continue reading