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Peter Jacobsen: You can play with your grandkids again

Peter Jacobson

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to live with chronic neck or back pain. I suffered for years from spinal stenosis and sciatica before I found relief in 2005 at Laser Spine Institute. My back pain impacted every area of my life when I had it, though. While it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve dealt with chronic pain, I still remember what it was like. And that makes me even more grateful now that I’ve found relief — especially when I think of my grandchildren and consider what life would have been like if I still lived with back pain.

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Don’t let back pain ruin your summer: 3 back health travel tips

Summer TravelSummertime usually means a time to relax, enjoy the sun. And maybe you’ll take a break from the stress of day-to-day life and unwind by going on a trip. If you’re living with neck or back pain, the thought of traveling is not so relaxing. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat in a car or airplane for any extended period of time while traveling can aggravate neck or back pain if not done correctly.

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Get your run on: 5 tips for beginners

Natalie GulbisRunning is one of my favorite activities. As your feet hit the pavement over and over again, there’s a rhythm that you come to love. Slowly all the worries that plague your mind start to fade. It’s more than just mental, though. Running is excellent for improving your overall health. And it was something I was eager to get back to doing after I had my back surgery at Laser Spine Institute in 2010. It’s because Laser Spine Institute helped me find relief that I am able to run today.

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