4 exercises to help relieve stenosis pain

Grandfather and grandson walking in parkRealizing your neck or back pain isn’t going away can be an unhappy discovery, but it’s also an opportunity to learn more about pain management through body mechanics. You do not have to accept that pain will be your constant, unwelcome companion. Try these four exercises to strengthen your muscles and relieve your pain.

What is stenosis? This condition is diagnosed when you have a narrowing of your spinal canal, which leads to pressure and pain on the associated muscles and nerves. It can occur in any portion of the neck or back, though it’s most common in the lower back and the neck. Unfortunately, you cannot reopen the narrow portions aside from surgery, but there are ways that you can effectively manage the condition and slow down the damage. Because aging is the number one cause of stenosis, healthy lifestyle choices now can prevent further pain down the road.

Exercises – These recommended exercises should help minimize the pain you feel from stenosis while also strengthening your back and neck. They all center on safely increasing your core abdominal strength, which will lessen the strain on your spine and relieve stenosis pain. Before starting any exercise regimen, be sure to consult with your physician.

Planks – This is not just a YouTube fad. Planks, when done correctly and on a solid surface, can be incredibly helpful for building core strength. Start with the basic plank position. Get into the starting push-up position, keeping your spine and arms straight. Do not let your back or posterior sag. Hold this position for thirty seconds, then take a short break. Try to do four planks, then over time, increase both the duration and amount.

Yoga – To lengthen your spine, try some yoga poses specifically designed to open the vertebral spaces in your spine. Downward dog and joyful baby are poses you can try in the comfort of your own home and can easily find time to do in the morning and evening. Do these moves slowly and breathe evenly while going through the motions.

Walk – Easy to do and requiring no equipment, walking raises your heartbeat and keeps strain off your muscles. To really engage your core, try walking in waist deep water; the added resistance will provide a good workout for your abdominal muscles as long as you maintain proper posture.

Low-impact – The benefit of these aerobic activities is that they involve your whole body. Exercise promotes health and wellness of the entire body – it does much more than simply burn excess calories. Swimming and biking keep added strain off your knees and joints, while improving your core strength. In turn, these movements can help take added pressure off your spine.

If chronic stenosis pain limits the quality of your life, contact Laser Spine Institute for an initial consultation to find out if you are a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure.

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Michael Swink November 29, 2015

I had 2 surgeries to relieve this condition in my neck . Daily exercises to try to keep the area loose . Do not want to wait and get this tight

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