Doctor Spotlight: Michael Perry, M.D.

Michael Perry, M.D., grew up in the Northeast and moved to Tampa, Fla. in the early 1970s. After graduating high school he attended undergraduate at the University of South Florida, where he earned his bachelor’s in biology. From an early age, Dr. Perry wanted to be a physician. His father, who was a manager at a trucking company and later became a stock broker, told him and his twin brother to become physicians. He told them to become their own bosses, so they wouldn’t have to report to anyone but themselves. Luckily, the brothers excelled in science and math and both decided to go into medicine.

Upon graduation from USF, Dr. Perry was accepted to St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. In 1985 he graduated at the top of his class with his medical degree. He moved back to the Northeast and completed his internal medicine residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. Immediately after, he and his wife decided they wanted to move back to Florida to be closer to both of their parents. They chose the Tampa Bay area, and settled down. He practiced 15 years, and met James St. Louis, D.O., orthopedic surgeon, and Glenn Hamburg, M.D., anesthesiologist. The three of them decided to start their own minimally invasive spine surgical center, and Laser Spine Institute was born.

In March 2005 they had the three vital positions to start performing surgery—a surgeon, anesthesiologist, and internist. From there, they started seeing patients. He worked in the clinic during the day, and started reviewing and making callbacks to patients who had sent in their films and reports at night. As the practice grew, Dr. Perry turned over his clinic duties and started to solely review the MRI and CT scans patients would send in who were considering surgery. Patients said that he explained their condition in better terms in a 15 minute conversation than any surgeon ever had. They felt comfortable and confident in scheduling a surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

Today Dr. Perry practices his role as Medical Director by focusing on administrative tasks. A couple times a month he travels with the seminar team to give presentations to potential patients. When not working, Dr. Perry really enjoys traveling. Every year he takes his family on an extended trip. This past summer, he took his wife with three sons on a tour of Asia, including Singapore and China. His sons are all studying to be physicians at USF, and will hopefully carry on the legacy of their father at Laser Spine Institute.


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