Laser Spine Institute nurses LOVE our patients!

TPA Nurses_TPA-Nurses_DSC_6573_RGBLaser Spine Institute prides itself on nourishing a Culture of Care. We strive to ensure that every interaction a patient has with us is one of compassion. Our Culture of Care would be incomplete without our fabulous nursing staff. Not only does Laser Spine Institute love our nurses, our nurses adore our patients.

Vivian Page, a registered nurse at Laser Spine Institute, works diligently to ensure that each patient she meets has a memorable experience. Recently, one of Vivian’s patients had suffered a family death before coming to Laser Spine Institute and was terrified about having surgery.

Vivian and her team did everything within their ability to reassure the patient and calm his fears.

“The patient asked that we say a prayer together, so we all joined hands,” she remembered. “It was like magic. He stopped shaking, and I had my arms around him as he gently went to sleep.  When he woke up, he had a great big smile on his face. I asked him if he had any pain. He said no, and he was so happy!”

Being able to connect with patients on such a personal level is just one of the reasons Vivian loves working at Laser Spine Institute. She appreciates the company’s commitment to its core values — called CHOICE values.

“I try to live out the CHOICE values every day — not just at work, but in my life,” she said. “I have come in on my day off to be there for the team on many occasions. If my team needs me, I want to be there for them.”

Laser Spine Institute’s CHOICE values are ingrained into the very fabric of the organization. The values are the backbone to every interaction we have with teammates and patients.

“My favorite CHOICE value is Have Fun because we all spend a lot of time at work, and it is important to enjoy what you do,” she shared. “People forget the power of a smile or laughter. It is proven that patients feel better when they laugh. A coworker who is feeling down will feel better with a little humor, a smile, or even a hug. So we like to have fun, too.”

Vivian is known for bringing her fun attitude to Laser Spine Institute in many ways, including wheelchair races. Although she enjoys having fun, her favorite part about her job is seeing the successes.

“I love seeing the patients feel better,” she said. “It is a healing power that cannot be denied. We do so many good things at Laser Spine Institute, and it makes me feel good to just be a part of it. It truly is not like work because I enjoy what I do.”


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