Five Tampa parks to restore your spine with outdoor yoga

Five Tampa parks to restore your spine with outdoor yogaIf you’re living with chronic back pain, restorative yoga can be a highly effective way to strengthen the muscles that support your spine, increase your range of motion and use relaxation to help reduce your discomfort. What’s more, the beauty of yoga is that it isn’t limited to an indoor studio — there are numerous outdoor parks throughout Tampa, Florida, where you can practice restorative stretches while enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

Five Tampa parks to restore your spine with outdoor yogaWhether you live in the heart of downtown, in a northern Tampa suburb or anywhere in between, there are plenty of locations for you to restore your spine with outdoor yoga. Our top picks include:

  • Curtis Hixon Park – Located on the newly designed Riverwalk, this downtown park has gorgeous views of the Hillsborough River and the nearby University of Tampa.
  • Water Works Park – Also accessible via the Riverwalk, this park is an ideal option for families. After a few rounds of yoga poses, bring the kids over to the water attractions and the pups over to the nearby dog run.
  • Lettuce Lake Park – Just outside the city limits, this 240-acre park not only has many ideal settings for an outdoor yoga session, but also an observation tower, a bike path and a boardwalk.
  • Picnic Island Park – This beachfront park near MacDill Air Force Base is a dream for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions, and with a nearby boat launch and fishing pier, it is the perfect start or end point for a day’s worth of quintessential Florida activities.
  • Ballast Point Park – At the southernmost end of the Bayshore Blvd. running trail, Ballast Point Park is yet another perfect place to move through a few sun salutations before setting out on a walk or bike ride.

Love the idea of a restorative outdoor yoga session, but aren’t quite ready to roll out a mat and practice at your own pace? Check your local park’s events calendar. Many parks — including Curtis Hixon Park and Water Works Park — host free or donation-based classes on the weekends.

If you’re practicing on your own, be sure to select gentle postures that don’t strain your neck or back. Yoga Journal’s yoga for back pain recommendations are a great place to start — but of course, be sure to listen to your body and immediately stop any pose that causes you discomfort.

When combined with other stretches, exercises and nonsurgical treatments, yoga can be highly effective at helping individuals manage their chronic back pain. However, there are some instances in which medications, physical therapy and complementary treatments don’t produce the desired results. When this is the case, it may be helpful to consult with an experienced medical professional about the possibility of surgery.

If you’ve already tried medication, yoga and other nonsurgical treatments for chronic neck or back pain and you haven’t met your pain relief goals, contact Laser Spine Institute. You may be a candidate for our minimally invasive outpatient procedures that have helped more than 60,000 people get their lives back.


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