Rev up your ride with proper posture

GeorgieThere’s nothing like the feel of the open road. The roar of the engine. But what if the relaxing ride you took to unwind hit a daunting detour? For Georgie, a Laser Spine Institute patient from Sarasota, Florida, that’s exactly what happened when back pain crept in. Her passion for riding her motorcycle had to be put on hold. Thankfully, she found relief from her chronic back pain with Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures. And today, she’s back in action, doing the things she loves most, including riding her motorcycle.

“My biggest milestone? Being able to live life again,” she said with a smile. “I’m back to exercising, swimming and riding my bike.”

Here are Georgie’s top tips for protecting your back while riding a motorcycle:

Stretch it out

Before you hop on your next ride, stretch your back and body. Make sure you find the stretches you’re most comfortable with. You can start by standing with your feet hip-distance apart and reach your hands toward the sky. Hold the position for five breathes and try to reach higher with every breath. Next, try a lunge by bringing your right foot a large step’s distance in front of you and bending your right knee while keeping your back leg straight. Hold the position for five breathes and switch feet. Or you can mix it up like Georgie does. “I have a chin up bar that I use to stretch my spine,” said Georgie.

Give it a break

“When I feel tired, I now take time for myself,” said Georgie. If you’re on the road all day, schedule in some breaks. Sitting on a bike is similar to sitting in a chair all day, where muscles can get stiff and blood circulation can slow. Think of your next ride like a long car trip and be sure to take breaks at various points along the way.

Keep it aligned

Using the right posture for your motorcycle type is crucial to keeping your back healthy. Cruiser and standard motorcycles allow the rider to sit up straight with some support from the legs. Sport bikes cause the rider to lean forward and put extra stress on the core and spine. Be sure to find out which posture is best for your body and your specific bike. No matter which model of motorcycle you use, hunching your shoulders or spine is going to cause pain.

By stretching before you ride, staying hydrated throughout and practicing proper posture, you too can make the most of your next journey.


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