Summer in Scottsdale: How to keep your back cool during a heat wave

Summer in Scottsdale: How to keep your back cool during a heat waveWith the temperature in Scottsdale, Arizona, routinely hitting triple digits throughout June and July, staying cool can be a daunting task. This is especially true for individuals with chronic neck or back pain, who often find it even more difficult to achieve comfort in the summer months. However, it’s possible to enjoy all that this great city has to offer – even during Scottsdale’s hottest season – without being defeated by the heat.

Summer in Scottsdale: How to keep your back cool during a heat waveBeing selective with your plans is one of the best ways to survive a summer heat wave. While it may be tempting to avoid going outdoors in favor of relaxing in an air conditioned building, this is not always practical (or even necessary). Instead, consider seeking shelter when the sun is at its most intense – typically between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. – and planning your outdoor adventures for the mornings or evenings. The Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art are all top indoor attractions to visit during hot afternoons, while the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a great place to view vibrant sunsets outdoors.

Whether you’re spending your time indoors or outdoors, staying hydrated is also crucial. Your body’s muscles and joints require at least eight to ten glasses of water each day to function properly, and if you’re running on a water deficit, your neck or back pain can become more pronounced. Do you find it difficult to meet your daily hydration goals with plain H20? Consider infusing it with a natural source of flavor, such as lemon, mint, cucumber or grapefruit, to make it even more appealing (and refreshing).

Another top tip for keeping cool during a heat wave is to pack selectively. It’s often tempting to leave the house with an entire selection of belongings – because you never really know what you might need during the day – but ditching unnecessary weight can make a big difference in how your back feels. What constitutes the essentials? Typically, a phone, wallet, keys and small pouch with medical necessities will be plenty. Consider packing topical NSAIDs too, which can be easily applied when you’re on the go, and can relieve pain locally. Maps and guidebooks, large electronic devices, novels, heavy snacks and other nonessentials can often be left at home. Bonus tip: consider stashing your items in a small pouch with a crossbody strap, which can help distribute the weight of the pouch more evenly across your body.

If neck or back pain is a frequent source of discomfort for you, and conservative treatments such as medication haven’t provided you with the relief you need, you may benefit from exploring other options. For instance, at Laser Spine Institute, we offer minimally invasive spine procedures for individuals who have neck and back pain, and we have helped thousands of patients achieve the relief they deserve. For more information about our minimally invasive, outpatient procedures, contact Laser Spine Institute today.


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