Working out while watching football

Working out while watching footballLifting ankle weights

Before you think you have to lift a 100-pound dumbbell to see fitness results, think again. In fact, ankle weights are a great way to build quad strength — and we know that strong leg muscles can help prevent low back pain. While seated on your couch with ankle weights in place, simply lift and straighten your left leg, hold for 10 seconds, return to the neutral bent position then switch to the other leg. Repeat this 10 times.

Relaxing with yoga

Using controlled breathing and body movement, yoga is a great way to reduce tension in your neck and back. The next time you’re waiting for the game to come back on, try striking a chair pose in front of the couch. Once you master it, try taking Laser Spine Institute’s Seven-Day Yoga Challenge to stay relaxed with our favorite stretches for back pain.

Decompressing with good posture

While this may not technically be an intense couch workout, decompressing your spine can do wonders for your lower back. You can practice decompression posture on your couch, bed, floor or any comfortable, flat surface. This will reduce the pressure on your spine and promote blood flow by temporarily shifting your body weight away from your spinal discs.

Don’t let your spine health sit on the sidelines because the big game is on. As you progress with these back pain exercises, you can add more techniques to your routine to put chronic neck or back pain on defense during those commercial breaks. Nobody wants to ride the bench, but if you’ve noticed that neck or back pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, make the call to Laser Spine Institute — our team can help you develop a game plan for lasting relief.


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