How to sneak greens into every meal

Wellness-Blog-Sneaking-Greens-into-every-mealMom always said to eat your greens. But that doesn’t have to mean leftover lima beans or the same old salad. With these hidden veggie recipes, you can sneak more greens into your everyday diet. What’s so bad about that? You’ll get more vitamin A, C and K, fiber, potassium and best of all, healing foods that help prevent neck or back pain and promote faster recovery after surgery.

Use these healthy hacks for easy ways to eat more vegetables and fruits:


Pesto egg muffins

Pesto isn’t just for pasta anymore. It’s a great addition to eggs, too. Put a tasty twist on your average breakfast by combining our pumpkin seed pesto recipe with egg muffins. Make a large batch of pesto egg muffins to last you through the week, and presto!


Kale superfood smoothie

A grab-and-go lunch packed with superfoods? Smooth move. Try our kale superfood smoothie for an anti-inflammatory lunch you can take anywhere. Top with chopped almonds or walnuts to add a little crunch packed with protein.


Zucchini noodle spaghetti

Who knew that spaghetti could be one of the best ways to eat vegetables? It can be if we’re talking about spaghetti made from zucchini noodles. All you need is a basic spiral veggie slicer and dinner will never be the same — but in a healthier way. This low-carb dinner is also keto friendly!


Avocado chocolate mousse

When it comes to healthy recipes for adults, this one takes the cake. Or mousse. Healthy avocado chocolate mousse is the sneakiest way to fuse good stuff with dessert, and we bet you won’t even taste the difference. All you need are two avocados, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, some unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder and organic honey. Then blend everything in a food processor until smooth. Pretty sweet, right?

Eating more greens doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless. Use these recipes, or create your own, to get creative with your anti-inflammatory meal plan. If you’ve tried changing your diet and pain management techniques, and still haven’t found needed relief, it may be time to ask the experts. Contact Laser Spine Institute to learn how we deliver lasting relief from several chronic spine conditions.


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