5 Ways to Ease Back Pain While Shopping

It’s the greatest time of year – at least for the bottom line of the shopping community. For those suffering from back pain, though, this time of year may be struggle. Standing or walking for long periods of time may be difficult for you, which is why we have compiled this list on how to ease back pain while shopping.


  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Shoes can make or break the outfit, but they can also impact your shopping experience. The type of shoes you choose to wear may drastically impact your posture, which, ultimately, affects your back and can add to your pain level. When heading out for a shopping spree, it is suggested that you wear comfortable shoes with a strong support and adequate cushioning, such as tennis shoes. Avoid shoes like flip-flops, high heels or flats. When buying shoes, it is recommended to shop at the end of the day, as your feet are at their biggest because of swelling. It is also suggested that you ask the sales person to size your feet – even if you’ve been wearing the same size shoe for several years, as the size and shape of feet tend to change with age.
  2. Avoid overly crowded locations. Avoiding crowds may be a tough feat, considering that the holiday season is steaming ahead in full-force and the biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner. But not allowing your body to be jostled and jarred by deal-seeking shoppers is essential to easing back pain while hunting for gifts or other items. Attempting to squeeze down an overly crowded aisle to reach the item for which you are searching could be detrimental to your back. Send a friend to retrieve the item or wait until the crowd clears.
  3. Do not lift heavy items. In our quest for the perfect product, we sometimes forget that we do not possess the strength of Superman and lift extremely heavy objects – only to regret the action later. Try to avoid lifting heavy items that would require you to strain your back. However, if you must lift, practice safe lifting. Remember to not bend at the waist, keep your back straight/neutral, keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, hold the item close to your body, and lift slowly. Ultimately, the best advice to remember is to lift with your legs and not your back.
  4. Avoid reaching for high items. Always seek out help for reaching items on a top or high shelf. Overextending yourself to grab an item has the potential to wreak havoc on your balance and cause you to fall.
  5. Watch where you walk. With an increased level of shopping traffic throughout the next few weeks, it is important to anticipate an escalation in store accidents. Watching where you walk may be the simplest way to ensure you do not cause further harm your aching back. Watch out for spilled drinks or other liquid items, fallen toys or other items.


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