Acupressure relief during your holiday travels

Acupressure relief during your holiday travelsThere is nothing jolly about holiday back pain. Your neck or back symptoms shouldn’t highlight your family memories — especially during the most cheerful time of the year. And for many of us, spending the holidays with loved ones means packing our bags. Whether you’re flying, driving or taking the train, the healing art of acupressure is the perfect technique to pack with you.

Much like acupuncture, an alternative therapy for neck and back pain, acupressure relates to the body’s energy flow. While acupuncture involves the placement of small needles, acupressure uses massage to stimulate acupressure points in the body. And the best part? You don’t necessarily need an acupressurist for basic technique. That means you can work with your own pressure points to find lower back pain relief when you’re away from home.

Pressure points for back pain may be in places you wouldn’t expect. Remember how the body’s energy flows throughout different pathways? Take a look at a few different pressure points that may help you reduce tension on your lower back:

  • The space between your thumb and index finger
  • The arches of your feet
  • The back center of your knee

The trick is to relax, breathe and use your fingers to apply firm pressure to the acupoint in a small, circular motion. Try this for 15 seconds on each side. Don’t press too hard, though — massaging acupressure points for back pain shouldn’t be painful.

The benefits of acupressure aren’t only for back pain relief. Knowing where to find the right pressure points may help alleviate symptoms from allergies, tooth pain, colds and much more.

While traveling can disrupt your wellness routine or postpone physical therapy appointments back home, acupressure may be a quick way to prevent painful flare-ups from putting a damper on your holiday cheer. If you’ve tried acupressure or other conservative treatments, and chronic neck or back pain is still paying you a visit this holiday season, reach out to our Care Team at Laser Spine Institute. Our spine care experts may be able to help you get the gift of lasting relief.


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