Five tips to save your back while spring cleaning

Tips to Avoid Spring Cleaning InjuriesThe dust behind your refrigerator has built up for long enough. You’re ready to tackle those dust bunnies until the house is spotless, but aren’t looking forward to a possible flare-up from your neck or back pain.

Before you spring forward into those seasonal household chores, learn these five spine-friendly tactics to avoid neck or back pain during your spring cleaning session.

Warm up

As much as you want to go full-force on that cluttered garage or spare room, take a minute to prepare your body, but more specifically, your lower back. Try stretching your hamstrings to take strain off your lower back, holding a couple yoga poses to relieve muscle tension and planking to work your core muscles.

Check your shoes

Glass cleaner? Check. Extra garbage bags? Check. The right shoes? Check!

Even if you’re cleaning inside the house, wearing the right shoes are extremely important — especially if you have hard-surfaced floors. Hours of cleaning can put extra pressure on your feet while lacking proper foot support can affect back pain. Try slip-resistant shoes to further prevent back injury due to a possible slip-and-fall.

Organize your supplies

Storing your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink is perfect for food safety but isn’t as beneficial for your lower back. Before you let the spring cleaning commence, grab all of your needed supplies from under the sink and place them on a table or counter. When you decrease your need to bend and reach, you’ll decrease your chances of back pain or injury. If you have hard-surfaced floors, try placing your supplies on a mobile cart that you can wheel around the house.

Try pick-up squats

No matter how much we prepare our spring cleaning routine, bending down is inevitable. You should always bend from your knees when lifting or picking up objects, but how about a little strength training to go along with it? Not only will squatting keep your back straight while bending down, but it will also help work your hamstrings, abs and back muscles. By incorporating fitness into your cleaning routine, you can decrease the muscle tension and inflammation that causes neck and back pain.

Plan your routine

Spring cleaning is a big job. Instead of cramming your to-do list into one full day, try spreading your tasks out over multiple days or weekends. Make a game plan for each room every day and designate some happy helpers to give you a hand. Schedule break times to give your body a rest and don’t forget to refuel with water and healthy snacks.

Before you spring into action this season, remember it only takes one wrong move to cause injury or aggravate your neck or back pain. However, if chronic neck or back pain is preventing you from completing everyday tasks and household chores, our team may be able to help you. Contact Laser Spine Institute for your no-cost MRI review.*


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