Want to prevent pain while grocery shopping? Try these tips.

Tips For Grocery Shopping

You waited as long as you could. Avoided it like the plague. Now the only thing left in your fridge is the sound of your voice echoing back to you. And what is left in your pantry isn’t tempting your taste buds either. So you put aside your apprehension and brace for it — that dreaded trip to get groceries. The only thing standing in your way? Your chronic back pain.

Whether you’ve suffered for months or even years, enduring the painful symptoms that come with chronic neck pain or chronic back pain never gets easy. In fact, the slightest move you make is sometimes all it takes to set off your excruciating pain.

Since you can’t put off food shopping forever, Laser Spine Institute has some grocery shopping tips that may help ease your pain.

  • Practice proper posture. You’ve probably heard the phrase “stand up straight.” Or “don’t hunch over.” Aligning your spine with a positive, straight posture can lessen back pain while standing and could prevent your symptoms from flaring up.
  • Ask for assistance. Experiencing back pain while shopping can make it difficult to reach the items you need. The good news is most grocery stores will help with items too high or low to reach. They’ll also take your bags to your car and load them for you.
  • Wear the right shoes. They aren’t just for comfort. In fact, having the right pair of shoes as you venture out to the store could save your spine unnecessary strain. Talk to your doctor about which shoes, arches and padding are right for you.
  • Go during off-hours. If you’re not in a hurry to get your grocery shopping done, consider visiting the store during non-peak hours. When you do, you’ll avoid traffic and long lines. Friday and Saturday evenings tend to be less busy, while Sunday afternoons usually mean packed stores.
  • Use a motorized scooter. If walking around a store is too exhausting or too painful to do, consider using a motorized cart with a comfortable seat to make the process easier. Most grocery stores offer these as a courtesy to all customers, so just ask.
  • Order online. If your chronic neck or back symptoms are causing you to miss your weekly trip to the store, several online sites like Shipt, Instacart and AmazonFresh will now do the legwork for you. What’s more, they’ll deliver your groceries right to your doorstep on the day and time you decide.

Adding these tips to your grocery shopping list can help alleviate some of the pain you may experience while in the store. But if your chronic pain still persists, even after conservative treatments, contact Laser Spine Institute. Our minimally invasive spine procedures have already helped more than 75,000 patients find lasting relief.  And our no-cost MRI review* will determine if you are a potential candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery.


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