Laser Spine Institute Tampa offers advanced spine motion imaging

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If debilitating neck or back symptoms are keeping you from living a life you enjoy, a new standard in spinal diagnostic testing is here — and it provides more data than ever before.

Laser Spine Institute Tampa is one of the first facilities in the country to offer this advanced spine motion imaging. Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) is a system for assessing spinal motion, including lumbar and cervical instability. This device delivers improved spine motion analysis, updated for the 21st century.

“VMA works by taking a movie of the spine in motion,” said Reginald Davis, M.D., FACS, Director of Clinical Research at Laser Spine Institute. “By moving the spine back and forth in a predetermined fashion, the resulting precision is far superior to still images.”

Unlike traditional MRI or CT imaging, VMA creates a real-time video instead of static images, which coordinates with how you feel as you move in positions that affect your neck and back symptoms.

“Examining the spine under these conditions, as opposed to not moving, is intuitive,” said Dr. Davis. “The spine is designed to move and bear loads.”

The VMA motion test takes hundreds of pictures of your spine — ones that look similar to X-rays — while you move in a gentle, controlled manner to create a video. The video and measurement data allows for a more accurate assessment and diagnosis of spine conditions.

“This device will have its greatest impact on conditions affecting spine instability that possibly require a fusion,” said Dr. Davis. “Our patients will benefit from the enhanced accuracy in determining the stability of the spine in motion.”

The VMA can uncover spinal motion and instability that may be missed by other tests. Undiagnosed instability has the potential to progress to failed back syndrome if decompression surgery is elected and instability develops.

“We’re always looking at the best available technology for patient care,” said Dr. Davis. “This forward thinking and use of more advanced technologies will keep Laser Spine Institute at the leading edge of outpatient spine surgery.”

To learn more about our advanced spine motion analysis and how it may help you find the relief you’ve been hoping for, contact our team at Laser Spine Institute today.


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